0x97 is currently working on a few open source projects of its own. This page provides some basic information on these projects, as well as links to source code and demos.


As part of our commitment to the open-source community, we have published the Grav theme used for this site on our Gitlab repository. It is still under heavy development, although perfectly capable of being used for other sites.

Git Repository:

0x97 DNS Admin

0x97 Admin is a fork of PowerDNS-Admin, and is in the process of being overhauled. In the process of setting up our nameservers, we found PowerDNS-Admin to be a great control panel to manage our domains and records. Howver, the software was missing a few features that we thought were important. As part of our overhaul, we are working to add a fully built permissions system, which would allow outside users to sign up and add their own domains to manage. We're also working on a UI overhaul- so far, we've added several new color schemes and added settings options to update these without having to change any code.

Git Repository:
Demo: (registration is currently disabled- login as demo / demo)